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Habits of successful people

We have put together a list of 30 habits that successful people have in common. Let us know in the comments down below if you can think of any other habits we might have missed out, we would love to know, and if you are trying to become a more successful individual, we hope this list comes in handy and all the best from us. We know you can do anything if you set your mind to it!


1.   They are positive.

2.   They take care of their mind/body and health.

3.   They are organised.

4.   They take care of their spare.

5.   They get ready every single day.

6.   They eat healthily.

7.   They are self-motivated.

8.   They are disciplined and have self-control.

9.   They are self-aware.

10.  They take the initiative and are proactive.

11.  They exercise regularly.

12.  They take responsibility for their actions and their life.

13.  They create their own life.

14.  They know that failure is good. They make it as an opportunity to do better.

15.  They follow through.

16.  They read and learn continuously.

17.  They learn to manage their emotions.

18.  They have a passion for something.

19.  They have a stable support system.

20.  They are consistent.

21.  They practice mindfulness/meditation.

22.  They create a morning/night routine.

23.  They write down lists.

24.  They set out priorities.

25.  They persist and persevere.

26.  They are goal oriented.

27.  They are creative.

28.  They take risks.

29.  They are good listeners.

30.  They are always improving themselves.


By Sonia DoubleG