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I'm Me.She.Me Are you ?

I’m Me.She.Me - Are you?

Me.She.Me Fashion Launch, Where Fashion Begins 

Are you excited?

We certainly are!! Why do you ask?



Thursday 5th October we were extremely fortunate to attend the fashion launch of MeSheMe, a spanking new ethical and morally adequate. 



The brand created by Saeed Khilji (Pictured above). Want to know what it was like? Just keep reading!

Let’s talk about the show’s location for a minute, it was beautiful and very suited for the occasion - Cafe de Paris is located near Piccadilly Circus in London, and from the moment we walked in we felt like we had stepped into something out of Moulin Rouge or one of Gossip Girls notorious parties like the ‘Kiss on the lips’ - if you were/are a GG fan then you definitely know what I am talking about - remember the Humphreys first introduction to a socialite party? Poor Little J. All that was missing were masks!



What did we love the most about the collection? First of all, this is the first fashion show I have attended in which I could personally afford the clothes which is always a plus, the collection is a combination of fashionable and affordable pieces which were trendy and eye-catching too. So many pieces that I would have worn myself - there was a focus on primary colours and textures from leather to jeans going through velour and heaps of glitter.



Another massive difference is that for the first time (at least for me) I saw the models smiling, and not just a glimpse of a small smile but they were full on laughing and seeming to have a good time through the entire show, this made the whole show so much more uplifting. If you don’t believe me, see below.




If the show itself hadn’t been enough, there was also some live music singers that were pretty amazing if we say so ourselves.




Overall a very well run fashion show. The catwalk was fun and very entertaining, and the clothes themselves fitted with the whole scene and essence of the room - looking forward to seeing a show by Michele again in the future. 


By Sonia DoubleG